Day 3: Circular Austbygde church


If you share the Austbygde - Mæl stage in Atrå, we suggest you first go to the church in Austbygde and then continue to Atrå instead of this circular tur.

Length: 12,1 km/up: 230 m/down: 230 m

little busy roads and good forest paths 

The route is marked red on the map, the pilgrimage route from Hovin and further to Atrå is marked dark blue.


We connected the pilgrimage to the church to Austbygde with the campsite for a round trip. 

Go again through the Øyan leisure area towards the centre, past the KIWI market and then turn left behind the Dølehalle/bus stop. Turn left again into the next street and follow Strasser uphill. She makes a turn to the right first and then to the left before passing the football field. Behind the football field she makes a left turn again. There you go straight out, on a gravel road towards the forest. You follow the gravel path, (red marker and withe churches) which first makes a left turn, crosses a square and then leads you up into the forest in a right bend. You follow the path until you come back to the pilgrimage.

Here you turn right and downwards towards Austbygde church. After 3 km you will cross a bridge and 

meet the road from Austbygde to Tessungdalen and continue to Imingfjell. You can already see the church of Austbygde to your left. 

go the same  way back again and may be you take the time to enjoy a good peace of "Napoleonskake" in the bakery of Austbygde before you go back to the camping.


Just a few meters behind the fork of Atrå Church/Austbygde Church you will find a sign towards Pålerud Kapell og Hostel. 

the Pålerud Chapel is open to visitors all year round and you are always welcome to visit them. 

Please note that it is not permitted to light live candles, as in all our wooden churches. If you make this detour, you can follow the path past the chapel and meet again on the pilgrimage path to the church of Austbygde.