Day 3: Circular Austbygde church


Unfortunately we currently have Problems with the path that leads us from the upper village down to the church. Therefore we have to ask temporarily to take the path to the left of the river there and back. If you share the Austbygde - Mæl stage in Atrå, we suggest you first go to the church in Austbygde and then continue to Atrå.

Length: 15,8 km/up: 440 m/down: 440 m

little busy roads and good forest paths 

The route is marked red on the map, the pilgrimage route from Hovin and further to Atrå is marked pink.


We connected the pilgrimage to the church to Austbygde with the campsite for a round trip. For this purpose, you will go back to the centre of Austbygde from the campsite through the “Øyan” leisure area. At the bakery you turn into the second, slightly smaller street to the left (Maurubrekka) and follow it uphill until you meet the new road. Turn left there and follow the road uphill, around a turn to the right, until you reach a sign that leads you further uphill in a left turn towards “Veggli”. This road is not very busy and it is now about 3.5 km. Half way is the Eldhus, a stone oven bakery, which is usually open Friday and Saturday afternoon. The road leads you steadily uphill towards Tessungdalen and offers a beautiful view of Austbygde (back) and forward towards Tessungdalen and to the church of Austbygde, which lies down in the valley. Just before you leave the road to the left you arrive at a farm past the holiday guests “Haukaas gårdsferie”.You leave the road and turn (in a left turn) onto a gravel road that leads you below, parallel to the road at two farms. Behind the farms it passes into a forest path and leads you into two bends, down to the valley. There you meet the road from Austbygde to Tessungdalen and continue to Imingfjell. Turn right and follow the last kilometre along the road to the church of Austbygde. 

If you can already see the church, you will pass the bridge, over the Austbygdåe (to the left), where your path continues (now towards Atrå Church). You cross the bridge and walk along a gravel path towards the church before a sign to the left indicates a forest path. Follow this path uphill to a clearing, from where the path turns into a good forest path. The path now leads you along the Austbygdåe stream to your left slightly downhill towards Austbygde. After about 3 km, at a crossroads, a sign shows you up the forest path to the right. You meet a little later on a wider gravel road. (Here tomorrow you will continue the path to the right uphill towards Atrå Church) Today you turn left onto the gravel road and follow it always downhill until you meet the road of a residential area. Pay attention to the red knitting marks. The road comes straight up from the town centre. Here you have the choice to go down to the village centre (you follow the road, which makes a left turn first one on the right and turns right at the T-cross. You come out at the bus stop opposite the KIWI market and the bakery) or you turn right. Follow the road through a residential area. It later leads in a left turn down to the main road of the village. There a bike and footpath leads to the retirement home to the right.

At the end of the footpath, turn right, before the parking lot turn left again. You pass below the old people’s home (large yellow building) and bump into a street a little later. You follow to the left and now walk above the main road towards the campsite, which you can see soon. At the end of the small road you only need to cross the main road.