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From 2020 it is possible to walk the 90 km long pilgrimage trail around the Tinnsjø from one of the white churches to the next. The pilgrimage route runs on partly ancient paths or forest paths and rarely on asphalt. For many pilgrims, the path will be a challenge. Physically, since it always leads up to the heights and down to the lake but also psychologically, since it leads us through mostly deserted nature and forest areas. We have to rely on volunteers to take care of the path and to follow it without any problems. In this way, the pilgrim is challenged in different ways and everyone who goes on this path will have his or her own experiences and experience the way, nature and people differently. 

But in any case, he offers you the opportunity to get to know a small part of Norway with its indescribable nature in a very special way. Immerse yourself in a world unknown to you and let her capture you, just like I do. 

Experience the experience of loneliness, physical challenge and the unknown, at the same time a sense of security and that feel welcome in a foreign world. 


On the following pages you can read how this project came about and how I (the German in Tinn, Ingrid Wiens) became part of it. 

You will learn something about the path, the nature, the people and the history of the region through which the path leads you. 

I would be happy if you would meet his challenges and get to know yourself and this little piece of Norway a little better. 


Maybe we meet here in Tinn, the tranquil community at Tinnsjø or directly on the pilgrimage route. 


We am pleased about your interest

our white churches

1. Atrå kirke 2. Dal kirke 3. Gransherad kirke 4. Austbygde kirke 5. Hovin kirke 6. Mæl kirke

our goal

1. Lift up the beautiful white wooden churches that lie around Tinnsjø.

2. Encourage more usage  of church buildings with pilgrim prayer, musical    features, lectures

3. Highlight the old paths and cultural monuments around Tinnsjø an create access to these 

4. Create positive engagement around the  work  and give people positive experience associated with church and church buildings

5. Rediscover the pilgrimage by encourage tracking paths 

6. Encourage tourist visiting  Rjukan towards the  rural  of Tinn 

On the map you can get an overview of the region in Norway where the Tinnsjø with its white churches is located.


If you click on the map section, on the left side, the homepage of the "GodTur.no" opens and you can see exactly where the pilgrimage runs around the Tinnsjø.

located in Norway


 Unfortunately we can only offer the guidebook in Norwegian and German. Maybe we can also offer an English version in the future. Until then, you will find all the necessary information and route descriptions here on this page. 


But we have summarised for you all directions and maps in a PDF document that you can download via the following link to take with you. In addition, all GPX data of the individual stages are available for download.

direction summary
This ist the summary of all directions and maps to this pilgrims path. You can print it and take it with you like a guidebook.
english districtions.pdf
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