Pilgrim-time out

make a pilgrimage in a group

We can make a very special offer for those of you who wish to take a break from the hectic everyday life, who want to pause and take time to pause in the group. 

In the municipality of Tinn, high above, at the end of a valley on the mountain, stands the “Skirva Fjellkyrkje”. The “Skirva” is a mountain church built by many volunteers with overnight accommodation for groups and is perfect for a pilgrim break. 

It lies about 20 km above the district Austbygde at about 900 m and thus directly on the tree line surrounded by scattered huts in almost untouched nature. It offers, spread over the whole house, 5 x 6 bed rooms, 2 x 4 bed rooms, 2 x 3 bed rooms and 2 single rooms. Plus 2 shared bathrooms with 2 toilets, 2 showers and 4 sinks as well as a disabled bathroom. 

The light-flooded dining room with a cozy sitting area and an open fireplace is the meeting point for shared meals and the cozy evening round. 

The Skirva is a self-catering hostel, that means you can cook together in the big kitchen. Maybe you can do the kitchen service and every day someone else can cook according to his wishes for the group, or you bring a kitchen manager, who will be waiting for you in the evening with a delicious meal, or we will find a solution together. 

By working with our local taxi company, which has two vehicles with 16 seats, as well as a bus company from Rjukan, we can organise daily transport to and from the way back to Skirva.  

In addition, we can offer you the visit of the churches on the way, so that you can start or finish with a common prayer or song.


Proposal for a week of pilgrimage time: 

1st stage from Rauadamm to the church in Hovin 13 km

2nd stage from the church in Hovin up to Hafoss – 15 km

3. Hafoss stage to the church in Austbygde – 15 km

4. Stage Austbygde Church to Atrå Church – 14 km

5. Stage Atrå church to Mæl church – 12 km

6. Stage Mæl Church to Dal Church and continue to Rjukan Church – 14 km


The stages are partly exhausting to walk and in any case require safe footwear and good footwear. We have therefore chosen the stages not so long, so that you can make a quiet pilgrimage and take time for the strenuous parts, but also for the impressive nature and the prospects that always offer themselves. If you'd like a guided tour, just talk to me.

A 7-day stay (without meals) in the Skirva with 6 trips to and from the pilgrimage route would cost about EUR 280 per person for a group of 16 people if everyone brings their sleeping bag. The exact prices depend on the group size and the need for transport vehicles.


In Atrå there is the possibility to visit the Crafts Centre with its sales exhibition. Here you can experience the region’s rich cultural heritage. If you are interested in further visits such as the Vemork Power Plant on the list of World Heritage Sites, or a trip up to Gaustatoppen, you can extend your stay accordingly.


Depending on your special wishes, we can arrange such a wonderful week in Tinn and I (Ingrid) will be happy to help you with this. Just send me a message with your wishes, ideas and questions and we will find answers and solutions together.


Homepage from the Skirva Mountain church


The Skirva mountain church

I have once again put together pictures of the entire path to a short film to give you an overall impression of the way.