rasting places

When we are in the nature it is nice to find a resting place to rest a bit, something to eat or just to enjoy the view.  

Here we collect information about suitable rest areas with and without toilet facilities.

Tinnoset - Hovin

Opposite the church in Gransherad you will find this beautiful resting place.


Whether you come from Rauadamm or by boat from Tinnoset to Sandvika, here you should definitely take time for a break. This place is no longer permanently inhabited and is used only during the hunting season. Enjoy the silence and the view and maybe even a cool bath in Tinnsjø on a warm summer day.


Hovin - Austbygde

10 km behind the church of Hovin you come to the old Heie school. Behind the school in a separate building is still the old privy closet

at km 16 you will meet several beautiful seats at the end of a lake.


and at km 18 you come to a barbecue area, so if you want a good barbecue meal, here you have the possibility ;-)


The last chance for a break is the most beautiful view of this day at km 21, just before you hit the new Hovin road and go down to Austbygde.


Austbygde - Atrå

at km 4 from Sandviken Camping you get a good opportunity for a break with a view of the Tinnsjø and they're er more benches along the way.


In Atrå you will find resting places at the Spar market and at the handicraft centre.

Atrå - Mæl

at km 8 from Atrå Church, after you have only gone uphill, you will find at the highest point of the stage, this resting place with a view over the Tinnsjø. You deserve the break before it goes down to the church of Mæl. 

This is the resting place at the church of Mæl. At the back of the building under the terrace there is also a toilet.