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Here we list for you all the updated information on overnight accommodation on the pilgrimage route. We differentiate between commercial overnight places and beautiful places where you can pitch your tent or hang up a hammock. These places offer you a very special pilgrimage experience and are affordable for everyone. In order to achieve a better overview, we have marked the commercial overnight stays in blue and the simple overnight places in orange.


there is only one AirBnb in Gransherad, but it is possible to sleep the night before your pilgrimage on the Sandviken Camping or in Rjukan and take the bus to Gransherad in the morning. See informasjons about the bus


Fjellblikk Kafe 

Fjellblikk Kafé in Hovin is located outside at the “Hovinheia” towards Austbygde overnight stays in huts (500NOK) and rooms, as well as warm cuisine.  

It is also possible to ask for breakfast after a transport down from and to the church.

sent mail to

at the church in Hovin

it is possible to set up a tent on the lawn outside the church grounds. There is also a toilet at the church. Please take into account that you have drinking water and food with you, as there are no shops nearby.


Sandviken Camping

offers accommodation in the glamping tent, in your own tent or in cabins and a kiosk with drinks, snacks, coffee, ice cream, fresh rolls and bread. They also offer hot dishes from 13 to 20 p.m. 

The cottage prices vary depending on the equipment and season. A simple cabin for 2-3 persons with use of the sanitary facilities on the square costs between 700 and 900 NOK. Bed linen/towels er included and the use of own sleeping bag is permitted.

On the square there is also a common kitchen.  

In the restaurant there are mainly typical “Kro Mat” such as hamburgers, pizzas. By pre-order you will also get breakfast and bakery products for take away.

To relax the muscles properly, you can use the sauna tub with a view of the Tinnsjø. 

The homepage is currently only in Norwegian but Annette, the boss speaks a little German and the booking system can also be selected in German.  

You can find information on their homepage

hiking without luggage

The Sandviken campsite also offers the opportunity to hike the pilgrimage route without luggage. 

E.g. you can sleep 5 nights at the campsite. Arrival the day before the hike begins. 

Day 1: take a taxi to Hovin and hike back to the campsite

Day 2: Hike to the church in Austbygde and on to Atrå, from there back by bus 

3rd day by bus to Atrå and hike to Mæl and Dal from there by bus back to the campsite. 

There you can once again enjoy the view over the Tinnsjø that you hiked around in the last few days. 

You can find information about bus connections at

Tina Hansen Tinn Taxi: Tel:  0047-974 23 555  or

if you have any further questions, please contact me directly


images: Sandviken-Camping AS - newly established cabins with double bed and extra bed for 1-2 people


These are 3 cottages located directly on Sjøtveit Båtshavn in Austbygde. “Bestemorstue” can accommodate up to 5 people with private bathroom, “Bakestua” and “Grastakhytte” are 2 simple cabins with space for a maximum of 2 people. You can book the cabins from at least 2 nights. Prices vary between NOK 250 and NOK 1000 per night. All information you can find hier


is a Hytte that a grandpa built with his grandson on the "Øyan leisure area" between Austbygde center and the Sandviken campsite. This hut has a dry place to sit and sleep (a little short ;-)). There is a fireplace in front of the hut and it is right at the mouth of the stream in Tinnsjø. You have the possibility to use the shower and the kitchen of the adjacent campsite.You can pay the 100 NOK fee for this directly at reception.


Sandven leisure terrain 

you will find the road between Atrå School and Craft Centre (opposite the church) until you meet the sign that points to the "Vassreisa". Follow this path along the creek until you first hit a Boy Scout Camp with a simple "privy closet". As you continue along the lake you come to a nice resting place with a memorial stone for the emigrants to America. A little further from the beach you will also find a toilet house. Please note that you have to take drinking water with you and first use the shopping option at Spar if you run into Atrå.


Tinnsjø Kro og Camping 

Unfortunately the campsite had to close in May 2020. For the time being there is therefore unfortunately no overnight accommodation in Mæl. We therefore recommend to share the stage Austbygde Mæl and instead go from Austbygde to Atrå (overnight stay again in Austbygde) and the next day from Atrå to Dal.

Mæl Resting place

Opposite the campsite, on Tinnsjø, is a resting place with a covered seat and toilet. In addition, you will find several seats there and you can set up a tent by the lake. Please note that you must have drinking water and food with you, as there are no shopping facilities.


may be you should also take a look at  AirBnB 

Visit Rjukan

another possibility is Visit Rjukan nettside.