Heie school

The Heie school was educated from 1886 to 1958. In the municipality of Hovin there were a total of seven of these small school places. The Heie School was one of the largest. The building is almost centrally located on the hamlet and directly on the old road between Tinn and Kongsberg. 

Early in the 19th century, a number of people lived on about 30 farms and dwellings here in Heie. Some of the children of the farms, who were on the Tinn side, also came here to school. Tinn paid an annual levy to Hovin’s school fund. Most students had a long and steep school path on easy paths and went up to 2 hours to get to school e.g. from the farms, Hylland or Fagerberg. 

The style of the schools built around 1880-90 was usually the same. There was a classroom, a kitchen and a room for the teacher where he could live if it was necessary. In the outbuilding there is also a Plumpsklo, which can still be used today. The Heie School teachers also taught at the Urdalsgrend School in 5 weeks from 1892-1906, and then Heie Skule shared a teacher with the school in Rudsgrend. 

The school was closed in 1958 and is now a school museum. 

Today, the Tinn Museum/Norsk Industriarbeidermuseum is responsible for the preservation of the school.  

The original text is from a board at the school.