Atrå Handicraft Center

Atrå Handicraft Centre: It is open daily during the two months of summer and also during the two weeks of autumn holidays. Outside these times, you will find a telephone number at the door, which you can call to see the exhibition. (During the week there is almost always a nice gentleman in the basement of the building in his workshop, who likes to show you the exhibition). In the exhibition (this is a sales exhibition), you will find art and objects made by hand made in accordance with old Norwegian and Tinn traditions. The offer ranges from the hand-forged knives typical of Tinn with carved shafts, over knitted jackets (the jackets with the typical Norwegian patterns are called “coats” and mostly round knitted, then cut open and cleaned the inner edges) and sweaters (Norwegian “Genser”), local costumes (tinn – bunad, with their hand embroidered braces and hand-woven belts) carpets. But you will also find traditional silver jewellery, ceramics, glass, paintings and wooden objects for daily use or richly decorated for decoration and the “rosemaling” typical of the region. This exhibition is worth a visit for all artisanal enthusiasts.